1st Meeting – Consultation
This allows you the customer to meet the tailor who will look after you, and allow you to look at garments/existing uniforms/suiting, and discuss with the tailor in depth your requirement. We would also at this meeting discuss any further accoutrement requirement (i.e. shirts, footwear, medal mounting). Finally, your measurements would be taken. This could take up to an hour depending on requirements. If choosing a bespoke suit then we would look at cloths and build a picture of the type of garment the customer has in mind to compliment the occasion. Guidance can then be given accordingly.

2nd Meeting – 1st Fitting
This will normally take place 3-4 weeks from your initial meeting. The garment will be returned part made ready for a ‘first-fitting’. This gives us the opportunity to ensure that both you as the customer and the tailor are happy with the fit and shape. It is easy to make any necessary adjustments during this stage. Then garment is then broken down and re-cut accordingly before being finished. This appointment would normally take around 40mins.

3rd Meeting – Final Fitting/ Delivery
This will take place approximately 3 weeks from the previous fitting. A customer may have several fittings if required, it is not the case (as most assume) that the ‘more fittings the better the end garment’. During each stage of make the garment is constantly inspected to ensure that quality is of our high expectations.



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